I am creating an email and I want the replyemailaddress token to show. If I have the token as:

<a target="_blank" style="color: #150404; text-decoration: none; ">%%=ProperCase(replyemailaddress)=%%</a>

I can receive a test email but when I have it as:

<a target="_blank" href="%%=ProperCase(replyemailaddress)=%%" style="color: #000000; text-decoration: none; ">%%=ProperCase(replyemailaddress)=%%</a>

The test email doesn't send and I have no styling. What is causing the issue here?

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your href should have a mailto and no need for propercasing it eg.

href="%%[Concat('mailto:', replyemailaddress)]%%" 
style="color: #000000; text-decoration: none; ">

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