We noticed that a few devices are not receiving push notifications on iOS.

We are using MarketingCloudSDK 8.1.0. This is how we are configuring the SDK:

let configuration = PushConfigBuilder(appId: .appID)

        let completionHandler: (OperationResult) -> () = { result in
            //Request notification permission; SFMCSdk.identity.setProfileId;
    SFMCSdk.initializeSdk(ConfigBuilder().setPush(config: configuration, onCompletion: completionHandler).build())

In the devices we aren't receiving push notifications we log the state using SFMCSdk.state() and got this:

SDK State = {
  "modules" : {
    "cdp" : {
      "compatibility" : "2.0.2 - 2.9.9",
      "name" : "cdp",
      "pendingOperations" : "undefined",
      "status" : "inactive",
      "version" : "unavailable"
    "push" : {
      "compatibility" : "8.1.0 - 8.9.9",
      "name" : "push",
      "pendingOperations" : "0",
      "status" : "cancelled",
      "version" : "unavailable"
  "registrationId" : "562B525E-8C71-4D8E-A51A-2501DFD5E843",
  "version" : "1.1.0"

We noticed that the push status is cancelled, we checked the documentation that says:

//module initialization was cancelled (for example due to re-confirguration triggered before init was completed)

But we checked on code and either SFMCSdk.initializeSdk or any other configuration is being called before init was completed.

We also noticed that in these scenarios we can't find a contact with the returned registrationId on MarketingCloud platform (MobilePush).

We trying to understand why some devices are not receiving push notifications. Is there any other scenarios that can cause the cancelled status?


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