I have a Legacy Named Credential from UAT that I am porting over to PROD. To test the Named Credential, I am running an Apex Snippet in PROD but I am getting a 401 error. See below: enter image description here

However, when I change the Named Cred to a hard-code of the external site (external Data Cloud org) and with a hard-coded Bearer token, it's working fine. So at least that means the site is not being blocked: enter image description here

Anything else I should check? The Named Cred is authenticated properly. I've tripled check my Auth Provider details, and the Connected App's callback URLs. enter image description here

Auth provider: enter image description here

Connected App(external Data Cloud Org): enter image description here

I feel like I am missing something obvious here but me and my workmates cannot figure it out.

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Resolved. So it was something obvious. During the Authentication on Named Credential, the account that I used to authenticate was the account for my current org. It was supposed to be the account from the EXTERNAL org.

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