Receiving unexpected error when debugging a subflow that uses a Collection Filter with formula referencing a picklist using TEXT(). Oddly enough, this validates successfully inside the subflow, but fails during debug and at runtime due to the following error Field XXX is a picklist field. Picklist fields are only supported in certain functions.

Research confirmed this is related to a known isssue: https://issues.salesforce.com/issue/a028c00000gAwLTAA0/unable-to-use-picklist-under-formula-in-collection-filter-of-the-flow

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I don't love this workaround, but it suffices for my sake:

Create a background Formula Text field that converts your picklist into a Text value, then reference that value in your Collection Filter Formula.

e.g., Picklist field is Type__c so new formula text field "Type (Text)" set to TEXT(Type__c) then use this reference in your formula

{!currentItem_Filter_to_Filter_String.Type_text__c} = {!FilterString},
CONTAINS({!currentItem_Filter_to_Filter_String.Title}, {!FilterString})

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