I am getting date as a string '03-Sep-24' from an external system. What is the easiest way to parse it and save it in a date field?


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What i did was to manually create a map of month and their number values and create a string which apex can parse. Any better answer is appreciated.

 Public static Date convertStringToDate(String value){
    Map<String,String> monthNumberConversionMap=new Map<String,String>{'JAN'=>'1','FEB'=>'2','MAR'=>'3','APR'=>'4','MAY'=>'5','JUN'=>'6','JUL'=>'7','AUG'=>'8','SEP'=>'9','OCT'=>'10','NOV'=>'11','DEC'=>'12'};
                Date valueToReturn=null;
            String[] splitstr=value.split('-');
            String dd=splitstr[0];
            String mmm=splitstr[1];
            String yy=splitstr[2];
        catch(Exception e){
            System.debug('Exception '+e);
            throw e;
    return valueToReturn;

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