I created a custom report type with Quote, quote line item and I have custom object called Cost.

On my Cost object I have Quote Quote__c Master-Detail(Quote) field, and Quote Line Item Quote_Line_Item__c Lookup(Quote Line Item)

When I make a report, obviously I see the Quote and Quote line item values in my report, but I don't see anything from my Cost object, all the values is -.

On my Cost layout i see Cost name Cost type and Quote name values. Something like this:

Cost name Cost Type Quote
test      test      4324-4324

Why I don't see anything from cost in my report?

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For your issue,

  1. Go to Object Manager >> Open that "Cost" custom object>> - In that details page check you're enable the Enable Reports option for that object.

  2. If yes, Please go to that Setup >> Quick find >> Report types >> Your created report type - In that page make sure its included that Cost object as well.

  3. If it's included, Please check the Fields from that Cost object is added into that custom report type.


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