I'm working on a marketing campaign within Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and I've successfully imported sales data from a third-party system. Now, I'm looking for a way to cross-reference this data with email opens to obtain a comprehensive view of the campaign outcome, focusing particularly on conversions.

I'm wondering if anyone has experiences or advice on how I can achieve this integration and present the data in a meaningful graph. Are there specific tools within Marketing Cloud or best practices for tackling this type of analysis?

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From the documentation:

Single-send objects, such as Lead, Contact, and Person Account records, provide tracking information about individual records. Navigate to a specific lead, contact, or person account to view tracking for a single send. Two related lists provide detailed information about Individual Email Results and Email Sends for that specific record. The Email Sends tab provides a record of each email send with tracking information. The Send Analytics tab provides reports on historical and time-based engagement for aggregate, email, or subscriber data.

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