I am facing a challenge with email alerts in Service Cloud and would appreciate any guidance or suggestions.

Context: A flow sends an email alert to the customer. The customer receives the email from the automated case user ([email protected]). The issue arises when customers reply to these email alerts, they are replying to [email protected] which doesnt send the email back to Salesforce.

I need a way to ensure that when customers reply to the email alerts sent by Salesforce, these replies are routed back into Salesforce instead of an Outlook inbox. Do I need to set up an org wide email address for this? and do I need a new email address for this i.e. [email protected] ? or am I going down the wrong path?

Any help would be appreciated. For info, this is not in the live environment, it is in a testing environment.

Support Settings for info: enter image description here

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Updated the "From Email Address" on the Email Alert.

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