I am trying to create custom tree grid component because of some limitation of standard salesforce lightning-tree-grid. The requirement is based on the data custom tree should automatically generate dynamically.

Below is the component structure .

Parent component html

    <table  class="slds-tree">
            <template for:each={datas} for:item="dataEach">
                <c-child key={dataEach.Id} curr-data={dataEach} aria-level={dataEach.level}></c-child>

Parent Component JS

import {LightningElement, track} from 'lwc';

export default class SampleLwcComponent extends LightningElement {
@track datas = [];

   let data = [
        { Name:'st1', Id:1, age:'2', num:'342222222', Email:'[email protected]' },
        { Name:'st1', age:'2', Id:2, num:'342222222', Email:'[email protected]', childrens:[
            { Name:'st1child', Id:6, age:'2', num:'342222222', Email:'[email protected]' },
            { Name:'st1child', Id:7, age:'2', num:'342222222', Email:'[email protected]' }, ]
        { Name:'st1', age:'2', Id:3, num:'342222222', Email:'[email protected]' },
        { Name:'st1', age:'2', Id:4, num:'342222222', Email:'[email protected]' },
        { Name:'st1', age:'2', Id:5, num:'342222222', Email:'[email protected]' },
    const isExpandedDefault = false;
    const flatIt = (data, level) => data.reduce((acc, row) => [...acc, Object.assign(row, {
        expanded: isExpandedDefault,
    }), ...flatIt(row.children || [], level + 1)], []);
    this.datas = flatIt(data, 1);        

Child Html

  <template for:each={currData.childrens} for:item="childData">
      <c-child key={childData.Id} curr-data={childData} aria-level={childData.level}></c-child>

Child Component JS

import { LightningElement,track,api } from 'lwc';

export default class Child extends LightningElement {
@track _data;

set currData(value){
    this._data = value;
    this.ariaExpanded = false;
    this.ariaLevel = value.level;

get currData(){
    return this._data;

I took a reference of of previous similar post but seems like i am missing something which leads incorrect tree grid generation , adding the screenshot below.

enter image description here

Any idea on how to resolve it would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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