I am trying to create a named credential to authorize access to the Salesforce metadata API, as explained in this blog: https://gscloudsolutions.com/tips-tricks/using-named-credentials-with-the-apex-wrapper-salesforce-metadata-api/

But I am unable to authenticate the Named Credential. When I save the credential I am prompted to login as expected, but I get:

Problem Logging In
We can’t log you in because of an authentication error. For help, contact your Salesforce administrator.

The URL shown is https://<my domain>.my.salesforce.com/_nc_external/identity/sso/ui/AuthorizationError?ErrorCode=Remote_Error&ErrorDescription=OAUTH_DISALLOWED_SCOPES&ProviderId=<provider ID>

The relevant part seems to be the OAUTH_DISALLOWED_SCOPES -- but I have triple checked all the settings and they all have full refresh_token offline_access as per the instructions.

The user is a System Administrator and I have added a permission set with everything that I could find that seemed relevant.

I have also tried it with the new style External Credentials and it has the same issue.

I'm out of ideas.... Any pointers would be super welcome!

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    I tried the instructions from the blog as it is and could authenticate the Named Credentials
    – Swetha
    Nov 21 at 13:02


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