I'm aware that in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we can generate reports in Analytics Builder for email campaigns by navigating to the "Recent Email Sending Summary" tab. It's as simple as setting a date range, and from there, we can create reports detailing clicks, opens, and more.

However, I'm curious if there's a similar functionality for WhatsApp campaigns. Is there a straightforward way to generate a comparable report for all WhatsApp campaigns? I would greatly appreciate your assistance with this. Thank you!

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Hi There is no direct report available for WhatsApp in SFMC as of now, you can export the report using the automation studio .


Short Answer is NO.

Long Answer below: Currently, there are two ways to check or extract data from SFMC for WhatsApp activities:

  1. View the aggregated data like Sends, deliveries,read, and failed statuses on the Journey builder screen SF help text

  2. Data Extract via Automation Studio: it provides attributes like ContactKey, MobileNumber, ChannelID,ActivityName, Status, Reason, unsubscribe details, Inbound Message Details SF help text

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