Is there any way in Salesforce to get what the users are searching in Salesforce?
I want to extract search terms from standard global search as well.

PS: External tools such as SPLUNK, and Google Analytics can also work, but to my best knowledge we aren't able to capture the search terms directly.

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The only way I am aware, for the standard global search, is via Event Monitoring. Sadly it has an additional cost.

I only had very brief access to Event Monitoring, but when I did I downloaded offline what I could. One of the log types is for "Search" and "SearchClick". The "Search" log contains a column called "SEARCH_QUERY" which definitely shows the search term.

There are docs for the supported event types, but the description for the Search event log is:

Search events contain details about the user’s search query. All searches within the app, including Experience Cloud sites, are included. However, unauthenticated users won’t have a unique Salesforce user ID.

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