After successfully connecting Service Cloud for Slack app to my Dev Org, I went to disconnect and then connect to my staging org. This as per

  • Staging org had all the Slack permissions established; T&C accepted
  • Staging org had Swarming enabled and Service Cloud for Slack enabled
  • Staging Collaboration tool was defined as Slack

Result was error: We can't connect Salesforce to Slack

How do I resolve this?

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YMMV but here is what I did

  1. Examined Personal Settings > Slack User Mappings in the dev org (this would see if Slack still connected to the Dev Org despite me disconnecting within the Slack app's Manage Org button
    • RESULT: empty list
  2. Contacted SFDC Support (I don't normally give up so easily before calling Support, but as it turned out, turfing to Support was the correct action)

Basically, SFDC Support determined that, in their words ...

I have checked from backend and there is old routing data connected and thus you are facing this error.

To correct this, you need to supply your Slack workspace Id that begins with a T. This is not trivial as

  • It is not ascertainable from any property on your workspace that you can see in the Slack app (it is ascertainable if you have other users successfully connected to the org by examining Setup > Slack User Mappings but in my case, I was the first user)
  • If you go to the browser, and choose your workspace, you'll get something like: https://app.slack.com/client/Exxxxxxxxx/Cxxxxxxxxx and the SFDC Support staff has to have an Id starting with T (or at least my support agent did)
    • So, I used Chrome Developer Tools and traced the redirects once I chose the workspace from app.slack.com and got this https://app.slack.com/client/Txxxxxxxxx/Dxxxxxxxxx
  • With the Txxxxxxxxx value, SFDC Support was able to clean up the routing tables

Good news !!

We have successfully removed the old routing. can you please try to connect the Service Cloud for Slack to the sandbox.

  • I then tried connecting from the Service Cloud for Slack app again, logging into my staging org.
    • The initial attempt resulted in a GACK (oh no!)
    • A second attempt yielded a success and the Personal Settings > Slack User Mapping is now correct (as well as a success dialog box)

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