I'm trying to use multiple exclusion scripts in an email activity of a Journey and get this error:

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I've double checked the name of my email fields in my data extensions and they are all "Email" and my DE names are correct as well. Here's my exclusion script syntax:

(ROWCOUNT(LOOKUPROWS("Foundation_Staff_DE", "Email", EMAILADDR)) > 0) OR (ROWCOUNT(LOOKUPROWS("Board_Members", "Email", EMAILADDR)) > 0) OR (ROWCOUNT(LOOKUPROWS("Employees", "Email", EMAILADDR)) > 0)

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Did you copy paste the exclusion script from a Microsoft Word document or similar?

If you look very carefully, you will find your quotation marks around Email being of a different type than standard: “Email”, while they should have been "Email". Very little, but very important difference. It seems to me this is the only issue (at least the most obvious issue) in your exclusion script.

When copy/pasting code - not only from Microsoft Word, I always copy it into a plain text document in a basic text editor, to ensure any special characters are "wiped" from the code.

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    Solved! Thanks!
    – DBlaney
    Nov 8, 2023 at 20:37

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