After setting up Swarming and Service Cloud for Slack in my dev environment, I'd like to deploy the settings to the rest of my DevOps pipeline. Is this possible?

(I've looked high and low in the Metadata API doc and found nothing either under Settings, Slack, Collaboration or Swarming; The Unsupported Metadata Types page is silent.

(I'm going to assume this can't be done and the set up has to be repeated in each DevOps pipeline org)

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enter image description here

[Slack record layouts4

enter image description here

enter image description here

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The answer appears to be NO - you can't deploy as of V59 Service Cloud for Slack or Swarming settings. Some of this may be related to accepting the Terms and Conditions requirement for Service Cloud for Slack setup.

I ended up manually repeating all my setup steps in each org of my DevOps Pipeline

Ideally, in some future release this will change and someone will provide a new Answer indicating so

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