I have create a new dedicated integration user with this new license "Salesforce Integration". Based on my requirements, The Integration user is need to have a READ ONLY level object access on Standard objects (like account, opportunities, product2).

After created this user alone I have tried to enable this object access via Permission set so I created the Normal Permission set with "No License" selected. But I'm unable to add that permission set into this user due to the error This user license doesn't allow the Permission: READ: Account

Later I can find this question, I have created the Permission set with license "Salesforce API Integration" and able to add into that integration user. But this Permission set will automatically enable/add the Permission set License "Salesforce API Integration" that Permission set license will enable the "Modify all" level access on standard objects with itself.

But I need to grant read only level object access only into my Integration user. So May I know, Is it anyway available to achieve that like providing READ ONLY access to standard objects?.

I don't really find any help documents for this. It's will be very helpful if anyone guide me on this.



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