I am creating a screen flow to guide users through creating a new account and contact (there's a back-story to why we need this). In the first screen they select the Record Type, and then I initiate a new Account record (using Assignment) so that I can use Dynamic Forms for Flow to control the record type specific picklist values.
This all works great.

However, I have some fields (where the picklist values are determined by Record Type) that I want to require in the screen flow, but cannot set as Universally required.

Field information for Account type

I have tried setting these fields as required on the respective Page Layouts for the various record types, but no luck.

Any other suggestions besides using a Decision Split as the next step after the Screen component to check if values have been selected?

  • I'm also running into this use case / limitation. I'm using Dynamic form to fix another gap in functionality: Drive dependent picklists from recordtypes but now I can't make those picklists required in the flow screen (they are required on page layout).. I don't want to do it at object level as other recordtypes don't have same requirements....... ugg
    – Jen Bryant
    Commented Nov 15, 2023 at 21:43

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There is an Idea raised for this - let's keep voting.


One way to enforce a required field is to manually create the field on the screen flow and map it to the record's field and update the record.

I created a MWE screen flow to show this. I added a screen element where the Opportunity Name is displayed (which is required on the field level) as well as the Description field (which is not required on the field level).

enter image description here

I added a Long Text component that can also be the Description field, but I made it required.

enter image description here

After the screen element, I used an Assign element to map the Long Text component value to the Description field of the Opportunity record variable.

enter image description here

Lastly, I updated the Opportunity record with the updated record variable.

enter image description here

For picklists this method might be more cumbersome as you lose the functionality of displaying picklist values based off of record type. I would then use the decision split as you mentioned because it is less effort to implement.

Good luck!

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