I am setting up a new org with the Requirement that Person Accounts are Disabled. Ideally, I would like when an Account gets created/edited in the new org, an Account gets created/edited accordingly in a third-party org that has Person Accounts Enabled.

Additionally, I would like when a Contact gets created/edited in the new org, a Person Account is created/edited accordingly in the third-party org.

I have looked around and not found anything with any information on this.

  • Is this something potentially be done with something like MuleSoft's Salesforce Connector? Or would this be too complex of a transformation?
  • Would a custom batch process running Data Loader for Imports/Export be a potential solution?

Any suggestions are appreciated.


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For anyone viewing this, I ended up going with a custom .NET Console Application utilizing the Bulk API and REST API where applicable. Running Data Loader via a batch process was too much support overhead, in my opinion - but would be useful for people with less development experience.

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