In the Winter '23 Release there was a new Apex class added - Invocable.Action

One can invoke an action using, for instance, a createCustomAction(type, name) method. However, there are no possible types listed in the documentation.

apex is the only one that I got, as it's used in examples.

I didn't find anything useful neither in the Release Maintenance Module nor in the Help Docs for the Release.

Is there anywhere a list of possible types to use here available?


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Here are the supported types (from /services/data/v58.0/actions/custom)

  • apex for calling @InvocableAction annotated methods
  • flow for starting Flow interviews (including mass/bulk runs)
  • quickAction for calling Global Publisher actions

I found them via Workbench REST Explorer and tested each in Apex. The unsupported ones throw an error, eg: Invocable.Action.createCustomAction('emailAlert', '').invoke()

  • externalService for making HTTP callouts
  • dynamicSendSurveyInvitation for Salesforce Survey links
  • sendNotification for Send Notification relate to Slack integrations
  • outboundMessage which refers to object-specific Workflow Rules and SOAP
  • emailAlert which also refers to object-specific Workflow Rules and emails


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