I'm trying to use a complex filter in my WSproxy retrieve method that gets values where their date is between two dates. I'm this currently:

var ThreeDaysAgoFilter = {
        Property: "UnsubscribeDate",
        SimpleOperator: "greaterThan",
        Value: threeDaysAgo
      LogicalOperator: "AND",
        Property: "UnsubscribeDate",
        SimpleOperator: "lessThan",
        Value: twoDaysAgo

But it's not working. I notice that there's a "between" operator https://www.ssjsdocs.xyz/reference/complex-filters.html but I can't find an example of it being used. I want to test it out but unsure of how the syntax should be.

For example, is the SimpleOperator: "Between" then what should go in the value? Both dates?

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If you use the SimpleOperator "between", what you need is to put an array into the Value property.

E.g. I have this DE: enter image description here

And I want to filter out the records where its date value from 10/02/2023 to 10/06/2023. I would do something like this:

<script runat="server">
var prox = new Script.Util.WSProxy();

var customerKey = "My DE customer key";
var cols = ["CustomerKey", "Name", "Date"];
var filter = {Property: "Date", SimpleOperator: "between", Value: ["2023-10-02", "2023-10-06"]}

var data = prox.retrieve("DataExtensionObject[" + customerKey + "]", cols, filter)


The output will be something like:

    "Name": null,
    "Keys": null,
    "Type": "DataExtensionObject",
    "Properties": [
        "Name": "CustomerKey",
        "Value": "3"
        "Name": "Name",
        "Value": "Jane"
        "Name": "Date",
        "Value": "10/4/2023 12:00:00 AM"
"Client": null,
"PartnerKey": null,

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