I want to sync only those data whose first names are 'Lily' from sales/service cloud to synchronized DE in marketing cloud. Is that possible? Basically can a filter firstName = 'Lily' be applied to sync only limited data in synchronized data extension or does it work only for boolean??


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You can only filter based on a boolean field:

Filter the synchronized records you choose to import using the Records Collection buttons.

-To import all records, select All records.

-To import only records with an email address, select All records with an email address.

-To import only records created after a specified date, select All records created since and specify the date.

-To use a Boolean filter to import records, select All records with and enter the Boolean value. Select an attribute, set the operator, and choose True or False.

Doc: https://help.salesforce.com/s/articleView?id=sf.mc_cab_creating_and_interacting_with_synchronized_data_sources.htm&language=en_US&type=5

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