Here is the sharing settings for account/contract: enter image description here

Our experience users (community) have to access (read/write) the contract records under the account their contact is linked to but only those ones. The crud on the user's profile is read/create/edit enabled. Changing the sharing settings to public read/write or updating the crud to modify all won't fit here since they should access only the contracts under their company. I wanted to update the contract__Share via apex but since contract__Share doesn't exist, it's not possible... how can this be done?


the crud: enter image description here

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So generally to set Sharings in community (Experience cloud) Sharing Sets are used.

To access sharing set settings you need to go to Setup -> Digital Experience -> Settings.

Contract is... specific. Sharing to Contract is controlled by sharing to Account (docs on Sharing Sets here -> point 6 states that.

So you need to create Sharing Set which will Share Account connected to that User... to that User.

Something like that I believe (although I've did that long time ago so play with it a little)enter image description here

Doing that will share Contracts to user. If you don't want Accounts to be edited, block it using FSL/VRs for example.


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