A fresher question.

We have a custom object named "CaseLogger".

CaseLogger does not have any custom fields.

Whenever a new Case is created, a CaseLogger record will be created with it's "Name" field being a concatenation of "Case Id + Case Origin".

For example let's think of a scenario in which Case C is created. Its Origin is "Email" and its Id is "19191".

Then a new CaseLogger record will be created as follows

CaseLogger.Name = 19191Email

I wrote the following trigger.

trigger CaseTrigger on Case ( after insert)

    List<CaseLogger__c> l = null;

    for(Case c : Trigger.new)
        //I am stuck here 

    insert l;       

I know the code that I wrote is not much.

  1. I know that we always have to "bulkify" and should use DML wisely.

  2. So If 1 is to be honored, then I assume that Case records present in Trigger.new are to be stored in a collection.

  3. But I am unable to find a method in List class that can allow me to create CaseLogger list entries with only data given for one of its fields

For example something like

l (the collection from the above code snippet)


Can someone help ?

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There are a couple of things wrong with your above snippet and example, but they are easy to fix.

First you need to initialise your List.

List<CaseLogger__c> l = new List<CaseLogger__c>();

The add() method on a List<CaseLogger__c> will take a CaseLogger__c as its parameter:

l.add(new CaseLogger__c(Name = c.Id + c.Origin));

I'd also advise that you give l a more descriptive name.

Putting that all together you get:

trigger CaseTrigger on Case ( after insert)
    List<CaseLogger__c> loggers = new List<CaseLogger__c>();

    for(Case c : Trigger.new)
        loggers.add(new CaseLogger__c(Name = c.Id + c.Origin));

    insert loggers;

****Ans: we want to store the data of one object to another object.****

  1. Firstly i have created the two object like as Object1__c and Object2__c.
  2. We want to store the data of one table(Object1__c) to another table(Object2__c)
  3. Name field is common in both the Object .


trigger InsertObject2 on Object1__c (after insert) 
/* create the list of second object in which i will store the data of first object.*/

    List<Object2__c> obj2=new List<Object2__c>();

/*using loop store the data one by one into variable obj1 */

    for(Object1__c obj1:Trigger.New)
        obj2.add(new Object2__c(name=obj1.name));/*add the name data of Object1__c table into Object2__c table */

    insert obj2;

Thanks Mukesh Yadav

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