I already checked related posts on this topic and I feel I have already checked them

So I have LWC Quick action created -

    <targetConfig targets="lightning__RecordAction">

THe apex class used has been given access to profiles.

The quick action has been added to Page layout under "Mobile and Lightning Actions"

However, I do not see the option to add this LWC quick action from a dynamic page layout

Any idea or suggestions that I can try?


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    @DavidCheng Work Order Line Item (Service Cloud/Field Service). Agreed about the use of acronyms.
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  • updated the post
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Took me a bit to figure this out, but you have to enable this functionality via a permission set first. It only works for Field Service orgs on the Field Service Mobile app.

To get LWC Quick Actions working on Field Service Mobile I had to:

  1. Create an LWC quick action on the Work Order object
  2. Add the quick action to the page layout
  3. Lastly, setup a permission set an add the Access Lightning Web Components in Field Service Mobile permission. For License, select Field Service Mobile.
  4. Log out, close the app, and log back in. Open a work order, and open the action menu. The action should now appear.

Here's the related documentation with more details if needed:


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