I created a custom object and set history tracking on one of the fields for the object, I added the history to the page layout for the object. For any particular record for that object I can now see when that field changes. I now want to be able to report on when the field changes. I cannot find a history report for the custom object and I cannot create a report type that shows the history records for the object. Is there a way to do this?

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If you create an object with both Allow Reports and Track Field History checked and track at least one field then a report type called [Object Name] Field History should be automatically generated in the Other Reports folder.

You cannot create custom Report Types that use the [Object Name] Field History object unfortunately.

It should also be noted that reporting on field history tracking of a custom object is not available if the object is a detail of a Master-Detail Relationship. This is covered in this Knowledge Article (#000003727).


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