I just created side bar component using lightning-vertical-navigation in that I just created sub navigation items called "Employee Info" while I click this employee info it need to display another component called employee info. But I just gave the background color of this navigation item as black also the lightning-vertical-navigation-item font color also black it doesn't look good I can't even see the navigation item text.

"I need to change the lightning-vertical-navigation-item font color"

I refer the documentation but there is no reference about this...

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Due to Shadow DOM css don't leak from your component to its children. Only if Styling Hooks are available you can modify the CSS of a standard component.

Indeed the color CSS property of a lightning-vertical-navigation-item is set by the slds-nav-vertical__action CSS class:

color: var(--slds-g-color-neutral-base-10, var(--lwc-colorTextDefault, rgb(24, 24, 24)));

Since it uses a CSS custom property, you can override it, but in order to do it only in the right section, you could add a custom class to your container, then set it.
Something like:


:host .green {
    --lwc-colorTextDefault: #00FF00;


    <lightning-vertical-navigation-section label="Green Section" class="green">
        <lightning-vertical-navigation-item label="Green" name="green"></lightning-vertical-navigation-item>
        <lightning-vertical-navigation-item label="Also green" name="also-green"></lightning-vertical-navigation-item>
    <lightning-vertical-navigation-section label="Black Section">
        <lightning-vertical-navigation-item label="Black" name="black"></lightning-vertical-navigation-item>

The output will be:

If a styling hook is not available, you could build your own component starting from the blueprints.

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