I just converted a simple workflow rule (workflow with email alert) into a flow and when I am testing, it's not working. The flow doesn't even trigger. It keeps saying that the entry criteria are not met.
So I simplified the criteria to be as follows: stage = closed lost Owner id = Pooja

Action - send email to CG

Even after simplifying, the flow doesn't trigger. It says that the entry criteria is not met.

For testing: I am testing with an opportunity where the stage is Closed lost and the ownerid = "Pooja"

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks Poojaenter image description here

enter image description here

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OwnerId must be a valid Salesforce Id, so it cannot be "Pooja".
If it's the owner's name, you could create a Formula field (i.e. Owner Name) on Opportunity, then use it in the entry condition.
The formula could be something like Owner.Username (if you want to filter for the username) or Owner.FirstName & " " & Owner.LastName (if you want to filter for "Pooja Arora"). There is no need to add this field to the page layouts.

Most likely you would like to run this flow Only when a record is updated to meet the condition requirements

  • Thanks Ruben for clarifying. I used the migrating tool to convert the workflow rule to Flow and started testing right away. It makes total sense. Will fix it now.
    – Pooja
    Sep 6, 2023 at 18:38

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