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I am not sure why the Email column is not being populated with the subscriber email address, for the coupon codes/serial numbers (OutboundSerialNumber & InboundSerialNumber), each subscriber should get 2 unique coupon codes in their email.

Example: Outbound = Y1203HZ1 and Inbound = Z13423FG1

var @GetsubscriberID,@InBoundserialNumber,@OutBoundserialNumber,@rows, @serialNRow,@GetsubsEmail

  set @GetsubsEmail=AttributeValue(emailAddr)

  set @rows = LookupRows("2023-DE-Name-CouponCodes", "IsClaimed", "False")

  if rowcount(@rows) > 0 then

set @serialNRow = ClaimRow("2023-DE-Name-CouponCodes","IsClaimed", "subscriberID", SubscriberID,"Email",@GetsubsEmail)

if empty(@serialNRow) then raiseError("Serial Number Row not available")


set @OutBoundserialNumber = field(@serialNRow,"OutboundSerialNumber")
AND set @InBoundserialNumber = field(@serialNRow,"InboundSerialNumber")


else raiseError("Serial Number not available")


Any suggestions, thank you!

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//missing double quote in AttributeValue:
set @GetsubsEmail=AttributeValue("emailAddr")

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