I have a flow which SHOULD do the following: When the customer send in a new email for an already created case it should set the case status back to open for some rt. It works but just for ALL record types.

Now I have some rt which should be excluded from this flow. And I tried it with this approach:

enter image description here

Which doesn´t exclude anything. And I don´t know why. The first two conditions are clear (to me) but the rest is obvious wrong.

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    hello Alex, May I know, Is that Record type Id are correctly mapped in that condition instead of Record type's name or Record type's developer name? because seems it's like record type developer name is mapped for Ids. So could you please double check?
    – Raj
    Aug 31 at 13:07
  • @MohanrajSivalingam thanks for the reply. Yes, there are ids. Myabe the label is misleading
    – Alex M.
    Sep 1 at 6:27

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OR doesn't work the way you (apparently) think it does. It says that if either value is true, then the result is true.

Consider this truth table:

OR true false
true true true
false true false

If the record type does equal RT_Onboarding_PersoProfiler, it will not equal RT_Onboarding_OnboardingConsultingToDo, RT_Onboarding_Persy, etc. In other words, since at least one of those conditions will always be true, the result will always be true.

You want to use "All Conditions Are Met" for the filter criteria, rather than mixing AND and OR.

  • Thanks for the in-depth explanation. I changed it all to And. Now nothing gets updated. Not even the ones which aren´t mention. But when I add an email from Outlook the wrong rt still gets back to open.
    – Alex M.
    Sep 1 at 6:29
  • Upps, sorry. my bad. There was another flow which caused a problem. So it works. THANKS!
    – Alex M.
    Sep 1 at 7:07

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