I hope someone can help me with a solution to a problem I'm having regarding posts and comments on chatter. So, the idea is to block both the editing and deletion of post(FeedItem) or FeedComment records in cases, regardless of whether the user created the case or not. Regarding editing, I managed to find a satisfactory solution through the Chatter Settings configuration. The same cannot be said for deletion. I've checked the settings within profiles and permission sets, as well as the options mentioned in this other question all without success. I appreciate your attention and help in advance."

I hope this helps, and if you have any further questions or need assistance with your Salesforce issue, please feel free to ask.

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I've come to provide a solution I found for my problem, and perhaps it can help others. Through my research, I came to the conclusion that blocking deletions of records in Chatter is not included in the standard solution provided by Salesforce. To resolve my issue, I needed to install an app available on the AppExchange (free) and recently updated. The solution is straightforward; by simply installing it, the deletion block was automatically disabled.


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