Can anyone help me understand why recipient id of send email core action does not accept user id as input parameter and only accepts lead,contact or person account ids only?

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It is mentioned in the official documentation:

Recipient ID

Optional. The ID of a lead, contact, or person account record. Required if Email Template ID is specified. If Log Email on Send is included, this parameter is the ID of the person to send and log the email to. If Email Template ID is included, this parameter is the ID of the person to send an email to and populate recipient merge fields with. If the ID entered in this parameter is a lead record, you can’t use Related Record ID. You can enter a value for Recipient ID, Recipient Address List, and Recipient Address Collection as long as the combined number of recipients is five or fewer.**

Please refer to below link for more information: https://help.salesforce.com/s/articleView?id=sf.flow_ref_elements_actions_sendemail.htm&type=5

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I also share the same question. When you use an Email Template from an Email Alert you don't need to specify anything that odd: there may very well not be any lead, contact or person account related to the email that needs to be sent!

Why do you have to specify this from the Send Email core action???

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