If an org is yet to enable enhanced domains and a custom domain needs to be added to a site (site.com), the current documentation says to create a CNAME like so:

... if your domain name is www.mycompany.com and your organization ID is 00dx00000000001aaa, then the CNAME must be www.mycompany.com.00dx00000000001aaa.live.siteforce.com.

However, it is not clear if this URL format is still valid once enhanced domains is enabled. Looking through all the URL changes affected by enhanced domains, there's no mention of a live.siteforce.com host/domain.

So will anything need to change on the CNAME once enhanced domains is enabled?

Is the answer the same if adding a custom domain / CNAME to production and sandboxes?

Thank you.


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According to Salesforce, the URL will not change:

Enhanced domains don't change the live.siteforce.com hostnames. Custom domains using live.siteforce.com continue to function as before when you enable enhanced domains.

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