I have a custom field called value__c in my custom object. This field can store values which could be a string, number, decimal or currency.

How can i check if this particular value can be converted to number,decimal or currency?



You can use some of the new String methods, for example isNumeric.
Are you in a situation where you don't know in advance what kind of data will be in the string? You can use try and catch around attempted conversions, eg.

try {
  Integer x = Integer.valueOf(myString);
Catch (exception e) {
  // it's not an Integer, try something else
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    isNumeric for the win :) But it won't process decimals so proper order of try catching should be Decimal -> Long -> isNumeric -> give up, it's a string – eyescream Nov 6 '12 at 11:20
  • Nice to be able to use some of the new Winter13 String methods – Doug B Nov 6 '12 at 11:25
  • thats correct. I dont know which format it is, basically the field of string type but if there are numeric values then i would need to do some summing up. The design is a little crazy :) – Prady Nov 7 '12 at 7:13

You can use the Integer.valueOf and the instanceof constructs to achieve this (primitives also being objects in apex helps !)

    object  m = Integer.valueOf('123');
    System.debug(m instanceof integer);   //returns true if integer, false otherwise
    catch(Exception e){
        // if not integer

I don't know about Apex, but in most languages, try/catch blocks are not efficient to run (they have a lot of processor overhead). So if(test) methods are generally preferable to try/catch methods, especially inside a loop.

I know Apex doesn't have an isNumeric() method that recognizes the decimal point, but we can use the replaceFirst() method to remove just a single decimal point, then run isNumeric() on the remaining string:

if(myString.replaceFirst('.', '').isNumeric())
    myDecimal = decimal.valueOf(myString);

You can include the below class for your use. You can extend this for boolean, decimal. & datetime.

public class Convert{
    public class IntResult{
       public Boolean IsValid{ get; private set; }
       public Integer Value { get; private set; }
       public IntResult(Boolean pIsValid, Integer pValue){
           IsValid = pIsValid;
           Value = pValue;
       public IntResult(Boolean pIsValid){
           IsValid = pIsValid;
           Value = null;
    public static IntResult toInt(String strInput){
        IntResult result = null;
        try {
            Integer intValue = Integer.valueOf(strInput);
            result = new IntResult(true, intValue);
        Catch (exception e) {
            result = new IntResult(false);
        return result;
    static testmethod void testConvert_toInt() {
        IntResult res1 = Convert.toInt('34');
        IntResult res2 = Convert.toInt('we');
            System.debug('Invalid Value');

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