I have a weird problem and don't know how to solve it, maybe I am blind. Please have a look:

enter image description here

I need to update a lookup field on the Account object. This lookup field is present on the current record that is triggering the flow. The challenge I'm facing is that I'm unable to find a way to directly select the ID of the lookup. Instead of seeing the ID field, I can view all the other fields available for modification. However, I only require the ID for the update. I've attempted various syntax options, but none have yielded the desired outcome.

For example:

This syntax works fine:


But I need to select Main_Document__c ID instead.

This throws an error:


For me it looks like an SF bug, please help.

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You should be using Specify Conditions to identify records and set fields individually

  • This will prompt you to choose an Sobject Type (Account)
  • Then the filter would be Id = $Record.Account__c
  • And then you can set Maintenance__c to whatever

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