I get error when LargestRevision list has null revision numbers. Here revision number is a number field and Quote_Link__c is a lookup.

        LargestRevision =[SELECT Revision_Number__c,Quote_Link__c FROM OPP_QuoteLink__c WHERE Quote_Link__c=:quoteLink.Id ORDER BY Revision_Number__c DESC LIMIT 1];      
                clonedQuteLink.Quote_Link__c = quoteLink.Id;
                clonedQuteLink.Revision_Number__c = 1;
                System.debug('--clonedQuteLink.Quote_Link__c ---'+clonedQuteLink.Quote_Link__c);
                clonedQuteLink.Quote_Link__c = quoteLink.Quote_Link__c;
                clonedQuteLink.Revision_Number__c=(LargestRevision[0].Revision_Number__c)+1;    //THIS line throws error if list has revision null
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    How do you init the LargestRevision variable? You can not use the index when a list is empty. – Jair Jun 18 '14 at 1:26
  • Its a list of objects – MnZ Jun 18 '14 at 1:51

If largestrevision has a size of zero, it is empty. You can only access indices less than size. You probably meant to use || instead of &&. The shortcut operator will only evaluate the right-hand side if the left side is true. This will prevent the index exception.

  • Turned out to a silly issue. I was looking into an index even if there was no value. I guess i have to improve knowledge on condional statements. Thanks for helping @sdfcfox – MnZ Jun 19 '14 at 10:39

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