I want to avoid the conversion of a lead if its owner id is equal to 0050O000009PQCKCKQA4.

In Setup/Lead Settings I have activated the option "Require Validation for Converted Leads".

This is the validation rule:

AND( IsConverted, OwnerId = '0050O000009PQCKQA4' )

However, it still allows me to convert the lead despite having this owner id.

Can you tell me why it does not work?

Thank you very much for your help.

Mónica Martínez


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Validation rules require 15-character IDs, they do not work with 18-character IDs.

  • Thank you, now is working
    – Mónica
    Commented Aug 25, 2023 at 7:28

there is little modification in your validation rule:- AND( ISCHANGED(IsConverted), IsConverted, Owner.Id = '00LXXXXXXXXXXXX' ) IsConvereted is the field. Please let me know if you have any doubt! Happy to help.

  • Using the lookup field on an object (e.g. OwnerId) is preferable to using the Id field on the related record (e.g. Owner.Id). Also, I'm not sure if including isConverted on its own would make any difference in detecting when a Lead is being converted. This is an example of something you should try in your own org first to make sure it works before posting it as an answer.
    – Derek F
    Commented Aug 4, 2023 at 11:45
  • 2
    Also, an Id starting with 00L (the Id prefix for Leads) will never match an OwnerId (which can have either a Group, prefix 00G, or a User, prefix 005).
    – Derek F
    Commented Aug 4, 2023 at 11:48

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