I have an ExactTarget question.

I have a data extension of _subscribers. One of the fields is their zip_code I have another data extension of _widgets which includes the widgets' zip_code1 I also have a data extension with the fields: zip, latitude, longitude

In the body of an email, I'd like to to tell the recipient how many widgets are located within 25 kilometers of their ZIP code.

"There are [number] widgets near you!"

I could really use some help on how this should be set up. Anyone ever done anything like this?

Thanks, Jason

  • In your question, are you looking for the logic to set up the 25k calculation? Or do you already have something you are trying to implement within ET? – Timothy Jun 17 '14 at 17:17

It will probably take some adjustments to the data model you have in mind, but there is a query located on this page, in bottom (link: http://help.exacttarget.com/en-US/documentation/exacttarget/interactions/activities/query_activity/) that has an example of a SQL query you can leverage/incorporate into your process to output another column with the desired value, and then use in your email.

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