Scenario: Inserting Cases via standard SF REST API to receive an Email Response. The Email is sent via Flow (After Insert/Update) + EmailAlert. The REST APIs are being sent consistently (i.e., one after the other, immediately - consistent POST submits/clicks via Workbench).

Issue: Email Responses are not being received for each Case created. Screenshot below (missing Cases 01030349, 01030352) -

Email Responses in Inbox

Please see below for troubleshooting -

  • Debug Logs show that email was sent for every Case - WF_EMAIL_SENT|Reference:XYZ|Recipient:...
  • Email Deliverability is set to 'All'
  • No email in Spam folder for the missing Cases
  • Further troubleshooting, added a 'SingleEmailMessage' Action after EmailAlert to 'Log Email on Send'. This is also logging the email on the Case (even though actual email is not received).

Are there limits to how many outbound emails are processed/queued by the Salesforce Mailing Service for multiple requests processed in a few seconds?

Any help/direction is appreciated - Thanks!

  • Are all of the recipient emails the same?
    – prem22
    Commented Jul 21, 2023 at 2:48
  • 3
    Email logs are your friend
    – identigral
    Commented Jul 21, 2023 at 5:23


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