I need to query the Fields highlight in the below snapshot is there any way to query them through tooling API/Rest/SOAP?

Usecase: I need to know who created the custom fields last month. enter image description here

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    Jul 20, 2023 at 14:58

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You could query CustomField object with Tooling API:

SELECT Id, DeveloperName, CreatedDate, CreatedBy.Name, LastModifiedDate, LastModifiedBy.Name
FROM CustomField
WHERE EntityDefinition.DeveloperName = 'Opportunity' AND DeveloperName = 'ARR'

FieldDefinition has no CreatedDate field.

Please note that DeveloperName in both CustomField and FieldDefinition object doesn't include the __c suffix, indeed the developerName of your custom field is just ARR.


In order to obtain CreatedBy and LastModifiedBy values you could use CustomObject and CustomField objects exposed by Tooling API

For instance this query:

Select Id, TableEnumOrId, DeveloperName, CreatedBy.Name, LastModifiedBy.Name, LastModifiedDate, CreatedDate from CustomField

Will give you:

Id - field Id TableEnumOrId - object Name or Id (if it is custom object)
DeveloperName - field name
CreatedBy.Name - name of user who created the field

  • CreatedBy.Id will give you Id if user who created the field

LastModifiedBy.Name - name of user who last modified the field
LastModifiedDate - date when field was last modified CreatedDate - date when field was created

The easiest way to obtain this data would probably be via a Tooling API query from Developer Console of (if needs to be automated) via sfdx cli.

If you have to query the above data from Apex, then you could leverage Apex Tooling API library https://github.com/afawcett/apex-toolingapi

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