I want to pass a list position to my dynamic query, but it does not evaluate. have someone try something like this :

      if(selectedType == Constants.settlementTypeAutre){
        query += ' and  numm__Tech_TypeCollectif__c NOT IN( :parameters[5],:parameters[6])'; 
    }else if(selectedType == Constants.settlementTypeFournisseur){
        query += ' and  numm__Tech_TypeCollectif__c IN( :parameters[5],:parameters[8])'; 
    else if(selectedType == Constants.settlementTypeClient){
        query += ' and  numm__Tech_TypeCollectif__c IN( :parameters[6],:parameters[8])'; 
    } .....  

i don't want to create one variable by one, because i have 12 variables to put in this query. If there is no solution, then i will have to do it.

  • Have you tried NOT IN : ( parameters[5],parameters[6]) ?
    – highfive
    Commented Jun 17, 2014 at 7:24
  • in my example their is only the in, but there are also this : and numm__IdEstablishment__c = :parameters[0] , how should i reference this one ? the error im obtaining is : System.QueryException: unexpected token: '['
    – vanessen
    Commented Jun 17, 2014 at 7:36

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The bind variables (:something) in dynamic SOQL must be a simple variable name that will still be a valid variable when the SELECT is actually executed. So:

  • :someVar is OK
  • :someArray[3] isn't
  • :someObject.someField isn't
  • :someFunction() also isn't

(all these are fine in regular [SELECT ...] statements, the limitation applies only for building queries as strings)

This was extensively covered in similar questions:

So I'd say you should make a helper variable (Set? List?) and depending on the conditions add your params to that helper. Then you can have single

query += ' and numm__Tech_TypeCollectif__c IN :helper';

regardless of the contents.


Can't you just create map of paramethers instead of list and just use selectedType as key?

Map<String, String[]> paramMap;

I have no idea what type are those values so I just used string.

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