I am attempting to update some records in my org using Workbench which i do very often. Today when i go in and select account, and upload my csv, i keep getting the following error. This is a small file and only updating a few records, and i perform much larger uploads than this regulary. With that being said i am sure it is not the file size. Is there anything going on with Workbench that is causing this error? Thank you!

Workbench almost exhausted all its memory after only processing 0 rows of data. When performing a large data load, it is recommended to use a zipped request for processing with the Bulk API. To do so, rename your CSV file to 'request.txt', zip it, and try uploading again to Workbench.

  • Workbench has been going through it the past few weeks, maybe use data loader for data updates for now? Jul 12 at 14:04
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    Welcome users finding this question via search. Please do not post "I'm having this problem too", and do not open new questions about this issue. The SFSE community cannot troubleshoot service-level issues with Workbench. Please post an answer if you discover a workaround for this issue.
    – David Reed
    Jul 12 at 17:08


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