I have an excel workbook with multiple sheets with the names of different countries and in each of these sheets there are permissions sets for each profiles, there are 6 such profiles. Like Canada Sheet -> Rep Profile: n number of permission sets, Manager Profile: m number of permission sets and so on.

I have to verify if all the permission sets in the sheet are assigned to the user for the specific profile and country.

Is there a way to automate this testing process? I've been doing this manually using VLOOKUP and it takes a long time and its a tedious process.


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There is a "custom coding" way to perform the necessary operations that you would prefer, i.e., Email Services. Here, you have to write custom logic to process the contents, headers, and attachments of inbound email to Salesforce provided email address. If you are not familiar with the steps involved, I would highly recommend to check this: What are Email Services.

You also need to implement CSV parser to 'read' the data on the sheet and perform whatever operation (verifications) you are required. Refer this answer to get an idea on the parsing technique.

But, if you are just looking to 'verify' permission sets on a few specific users, 'VLOOKUP' would be your best friend. It is still a great way to check quickly and accurately, even it is a bit tedious job to perform.


If you are looking to do comparison of permissions across profiles in Excel, there exists an open source Node JS plugin called compare-permissions that does this very well.



Compare permissions is a CLI tool that exports Salesforce's profile and permission set settings to Excel. It also supports multiple organizations and makes it possible to compare their settings on Excel.

Disclosure: I do not have any affiliation with this tool


This sounds like a job for Permission Set Groups. It may be some work up front, but maintenance would be a snap.

  1. Create a Permission Set Group for each Profile/Country combo (ie "Rep - Canada" or similar)
  2. Add the appropriate permission sets into each group based on your spreadsheet
  3. Remove Permission Sets from users and add the appropriate groups
  4. Your sheet is no longer needed - the documentation is in the Permission Set Group - unless you want to maintain it in two places

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