"lightning locker" in B2b commerce template does not turn on, how can I switch to on?

after activating it recharges and goes back to off enter image description here

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Lightning Locker is turned off by default in the B2B or B2C LWR template. This is by design and not a bug.

Lightning Web Security (LWS) is the replacement for Lightning Locker (reference). As of the Winter ‘23 release, new orgs have LWS for LWC enabled by default. That's the reason Salesforce has disabled Lightning Locker for B2B/B2C LWR templates in general. See Reference Docs 1 , 2

Salesforce Product team has filed a documentation bug #W-12536963 for documentation to reflect this and there is no ETA on the fix yet.

For third-party Lightning web components, managed package developers must configure the lightningCommunity__RelaxedCSP value in the capability tag of the component’s configuration file.

  • It didn't work, the components are still disabled with lightningCommunity__RelaxedCSP Jul 4, 2023 at 20:09
  • Do you see any error? As per doc it should be possible Jul 5, 2023 at 13:49

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