I created a Validation Rule to prevent a user to change the record's ownership when is not the owner:

$User.Id <> PriorValue(OwnerId) && ISCHANGED( OwnerId ) It worked.

But I also need any let any user update the ownership in case the current owner is a specific user (user id = '2F0055e000000gdKL').

I tried several ways, but nothing worked. Then I tried to focus only on the specific user validation. It didn't work either:

PriorValue(OwnerId) <> '2F0055e000000gdKL' && ISCHANGED( OwnerId )

Any suggestions?


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This validation rule did not work because 2F0055e000000gdKL is not a valid User Id.

Presumably the value you've got came from a URL that was encoded as %2F0055e000000gdKL and you kept part of the %2F from the encoded slash character.

The valid user id starts with 005


  • Thank you for your feedback. I updated it, but it's not working either. I'm lost here, I tried several ways, but it seems that I'm unable to use User.id in this Validation Rule... Jul 3, 2023 at 14:45

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