I currently have a LWC ( which i didn’t create as totally new to LWC) that returns a lightning-datatable that allows a user to select many products and then do some logic.

I am now asked to have this structure in Salesforce Where Category is a custom object and product 2 is the standard SF object. Desired hierarchy

Category 0
    Category 1
        Category 1-1
        Category 1-2
    Category 2
        Category 2-1

I created the category custom object and attempted to use lightning-tree-grid Which displays the items but the category hierarchy is ignored. I reckon i am missing some looping but being too new i can't figure out what i am missing Output

Current Output

The JS

import { LightningElement, track, wire, api } from 'lwc';
import LightningTreeGrid from 'lightning/treeGrid';
import getSpotforCats from '@salesforce/apex/ProductsBrowserByCatController.getSpotforCats';
import SystemModstamp from '@salesforce/schema/Account.SystemModstamp';

const columns = [

       label: 'Spot Category',
       fieldName: 'Category_Name__c',
       type: 'text',
       sortable: true,
       wrapText: true,
       cellAttributes: {
           iconName: 'standard:category',
       label: 'Spot name',
       fieldName: 'prod_name__c',
       type: 'text',
       sortable: true,
       wrapText: true,


export default class ProductsBrowserCat extends LightningElement {

   @track initialized = false;
   @track isloading = false;
   @api recordId;
   @api existingProducts = [];
   @track products;
   columns = columns;
   selectedRows = [];

@track myData = [];

   wiredProducts__r({error, data}) {
       if (error) {
           // Handle error
           this.error = error;
       } else if (data) {
           console.log('@@@ data ' +data);
           // Process record data
           var strData = JSON.parse( JSON.stringify( data ) );

           strData.map((row, index) => {
               if (row['Products__r']) {
                   row._children = row['Products__r']; //define rows with children
                   delete row.Products__r;
           this.myData = strData;


           <lightning-layout-item size='12' padding="arround-small">


The controller

    public static list<Spot_Category__c> getSpotforCats(){
           return [SELECT id,Category_Name__c, Parent_Category__c, (SELECT name,prod_name__c,ProductCode FROM Products__r) FROM Spot_Category__c];

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You returned Parent_Category__c, but you're not actually building a hierarchy with that data. First, create a object mapped by the category Id, then add each category to the parent category's _children property. Also, you're using map incorrectly, it should be forEach as used here, or better, you can just use map as intended.

// Transform Products__r to _children, copy data
let mappedData = data.map((v) => {
  return {
    _children: v.Products__r?.map((product) => ({ ...product })) || [],
// Map into an object by Id
let categoryById = mappedData.reduce(
  (p, v) => {
    p[v.Id] = v;
    return p;
  { null: { _children: [] } }
// Add children to parent
Object.entries(categoryById).forEach(([k, v]) => {
  k !== 'null' && categoryById[v.Parent_Category__c || null]._children.push(v);
// List of root categories
this.myData = categoryById[null]._children;
  • Thank you so much @sfdcfox for helping me. I am missing a lot of things indeed. I am trying to understand all you 've said and how to code this too so i can reuse and adapt on my own for next time. I have also pasted this directly though getting [LWC component's wire target property or method threw an error during value provisioning. Original error: [item is not defined]] ==> How do you declare 'item '?
    – Langloic
    Jun 30, 2023 at 19:50
  • @Langloic item was an AI-generated typo (code pilot, not chatGPT), lol. I had refactored the variables, but missed that one. I've edited this answer to be correct.
    – sfdcfox
    Jun 30, 2023 at 20:10
  • Thanks @sfdxfox, it makes more sense now. 'p' in 'p[k.Parent_Category__c]._children.push(v);' didn't seem to be declared so i did before 'let categoryById' but now i get : Original error: [Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '_children')]]. any hint of what could be wrong?
    – Langloic
    Jun 30, 2023 at 21:14
  • @Langloic I made some assumptions about the data; it may be that the values are undefined rather than null. You might need to change each instance of null to undefined. If you can share some actual example data (as seen by the client using console.log(data), I'd be happy to readjust the code to match.
    – sfdcfox
    Jun 30, 2023 at 22:28
  • @sfdxfox is this ok ? {"Id":"a1S7E0000039VeRUAU","Category_Name__c":"Category 0"},{"Id":"a1S7E00000395keUAA","Category_Name__c":"Category 1","Products__r":[{"Spot_Category__c":"a1S7E00000395keUAA","Id":"01t6700000CwxjnAAB","Name":"Product2 - A","prod_name__c":"Product2 - A"}]},{"Id":"a1S7E00000395nYUAQ","Category_Name__c":"Category 1 - 1","Parent_Category__c":"a1S7E00000395keUAA","Products__r":[{"Spot_Category__c":"a1S7E00000395nYUAQ","Id":"01t6700000Cwxl5AAB","Name":"Product2 - B","prod_name__c":"Product2 - B"},
    – Langloic
    Jul 1, 2023 at 0:38

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