On Sales cloud we have Contract records containing a checkbox. When this checkbox is checked, a Journey fires in Marketing Cloud. This journey will send an email to the email associated with the contract. In the email there will be a personalized button routing the user to a Cloud page.

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The issue at hand is that I cannot get the data from the Journey Data Extension onto the cloud page.

The code is as follows:

<script runat="server">
    VAR @contractId, @personContactId, @personFirstName, @personLastName
    SET @contractId = AttributeValue("Contract:Id")
    SET @personContactId = AttributeValue("Contract:Recipient_Account__r:PersonContactId")
    SET @personFirstName = AttributeValue("Contract:Recipient_Account__r:FirstName")
    SET @personLastName = AttributeValue("Contract:Recipient_Account__r:LastName")

@contractId: %%=v(@contractId)=%%, 
@personContactId: %%=v(@personContactId)=%%
@personFirstName: %%=v(@personFirstName)=%%, 
@personLastName: %%=v(@personLastName)=%% 

<script runat="server">
catch(e) {
 Variable.SetValue("errorMessage", Stringify(e.message) + Stringify(e.description));
<script runat="client">
console.log(`@contractId: %%=v(@contractId)=%%`);
console.log(`@personContactId: %%=v(@personContactId)=%%`);
console.log(`@personFirstName: %%=v(@personFirstName)=%%`);
console.log(`@personLastName: %%=v(@personLastName)=%%`);

But these values come up empty in the HTML and console. I have done this before in a previous project, and found 1 more question regarding this, but for some reason I cannot figure out what I am missing.

Anyone any clue what to try or what I am doing wrong?

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Apparently the issue was in the way button was configured to route the user to the Cloudpage. Our consultant initially configured it, so that it would link to a "Secure Website (https://)" with the url of the form directly inputted as Link URL.

I'm not sure whether that normally works at all, as I don't touch this part much, but the way I solved it was using %%=CloudPagesURL(123,'ContractId',Contract:Id)=%%, and then retrieve it using: SET @contractId = QueryParameter('ContractId') on the Cloudpage.

Weirdly, despite only the ContractId being explicitly defined in the url this way, all the other fields were suddenly being retrieved as well. This did not happen if I only used %%=CloudPagesURL(123)=%%, so I still feel I'm missing something. However it works, and if anyone else runs into this issue, check this part is configured correctly.

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