After a long journey I was able to find out how to get a CSS-Inspector for iOS. I have answered my own question for that here:

How to Run and Debug Salesforce Mobile App on the desktop? (reloaded 3rd time and many years later...)

It's not perfect but at least it works and it looks like this

enter image description here

Now I've clamped my teeth an bought a new Mac Mini for my team mate and want the exact same setup to get the exact same outcome: a simple CSS Inspector for iOS!

But no luck...

It just looks like this

enter image description here

Safari > Develop > Simulator can not find any inspectable app on the new Mac Mini, while it found 3 on the old MacBook. I usually inspect the "bridge.app" which provides me exactly what I need?

The key specs are

Old MacBookPro 2018 (Intel)

  • MacOS 12
  • XCode 13
  • Simulated iOS 15.5

New MacMini 2023 (M2)

  • MacOS 13.2
  • XCode 14.3.1 (on 2023-06 most recent except beta)
  • Simulated iOS 16

The Salesforce app is exactly the same on both systems. It is downloaded here https://developer.salesforce.com/tools/mobile-debugging

What have I done wrong? Why Safari does not finding any inspectable app? Do I need to throw the Mac Mini into the trash and go buy a new more vintage Mac to replicate the setup which I need and I got already on my old MacBook?

All that Salesforce Mobile Development is so overcomplicated with this toolchain, not easy to setup, error prone, version sensitive, fragile, and time consuming.

I would appreciate any hint or help how to make Safari find inspectable apps of the simulator.

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I finally figured it out by trial-and-error. The reason was XCode version 14.3.1, which is at the time of writing (2023-06-29) the most recent version.

14.3.1. does not provide any inspectable apps

Downgraded to 14.0.1...

14.0.1. works just as on my old MacBookPro. This is a version hell...

I think I also found out why it is not working. XCode 14.3.1 provides iOS 16.4 in the simulator. Now there is a new "feature" which might be very nasty: https://github.com/apache/cordova-ios/issues/1301

Since iOS 16.4, the webview has to be marked as "inspectable" to enable the functionality of web inspection.

Likely this "feature" is newer that Salesforce "Chatter.app" they provide us for mobile development. Hence the option is not enabled and nothing is inspectabel.

Salesforce please! Provide a new Chatter.app which is inspectable!

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