I have a validation rule that restricts a picklist value so that only two users can select it. This is working well but the problem we're facing is that now no one, except those two users, can edit the record and everyone should be able to edit it, they just shouldn't be able to choose that value.

This is the validation rule I'm using now:

    INCLUDES( Request_Reasons__c , "Accounting Adjustments"),
    $User.Email!="[email protected]",
    $User.Email!="[email protected]"

Is there any way I can modify it so that it allows every user to edit the record?

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You need to add in a condition to your validation rule so that it only prevents others from changing that picklist to your target value.

That is to say, add ISCHANGED(Request_Reasons__c) into your AND().

  • Thank you, that worked!
    – Rocio
    Jun 23, 2023 at 15:04

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