In Console App, when I open Account and then open any case inside it, the active case tab is Bold and the case number is truncated. I wonder it happened with recent release of salesforce couple of days ago.

Is there a way to turn off this settings or customize it? Since these are standard tabs.

PFB screenshot for ref:

Active Case Tab

enter image description here

Active other tab - case number is completely visible

enter image description here

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It's not currently possible to change the Tab titles in the Console without customisation. There is an open Idea available to vote on if you'd like to:

Change tab titles in service console

Unfortunately I doubt this will address the truncation of the tab, as this is controlled automatically by Salesforce as part of the console.

  • Could you elaborate on customization ? Business is having hard time to identify cases especially if they are on call. They need to hover or focus on another tab to just see the number. Jun 16 at 4:08

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