Deploying any updates via VS Code salesforce extension can take 5-10 minutes. Restarting of VS code helps for 2-3 first deploys and then the issue comes back.

Deployment Status at org says, that deployment finished successfully, but VS Code still shows the "Running SFDX: Deploy Source to Org" notification.

Reinstalling SFDX-CLI and VS Code doesn't help.

How to solve this issue?

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There is a bug on salesforce github repo: Deploy Source to org command takes several minutes to complete.

For now the workaround is to downgrade SFDX CLI extension in vscode to a lower recommended version: v57.10.2.

Use Install Another Version option as per screenshot below: enter image description here

My prefered option is to disable salesforce's deploy on save use CLI directly but manually running deploy command everytime is little tedious.

To automate this, I like to use Save and Run vscode extension, using which I configure custom deploy on save command with below setting in .vscode/settings.json file on my workspace:

    "saveAndRun": {
        "commands": [
                "match": "force-app/*",
                "isAsync": true,
                "cmd": "time sf project deploy start --source-dir '${file}' --ignore-conflicts"

Note: I run SF retrieve before working on a file, hence I ignore conflicts with --ignore-conflicts flag, discard it if you want to see conflicts with save.

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    I have set up a ctrl+alt+d to deploy. Its muscle memory now like blinking and takes about the same time. Better than usual manual deploy.
    – Dane
    Feb 22 at 9:49

check what do you have in setup / apex settings / Perform Synchronous Compile on Deploy

we had this issue when this setting was set to true, deployment of any apex class would take 3-5 min


For me, disabling this setting in vs code did the job.

   "salesforcedx-vscode-core.experimental.enableSourceTrackingForDeployAndRetrieve": false

enter image description here

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